Diane Rehm show inspiration

I just sent this comment to the show, but not sure they will read it so I wanted to share it here as well.
You don’t know where what you learn will lead you in your life. In looking back on what I’ve learned and how it has led me to my business now, I can say that handwriting was critical to that. I craft colorful, unique, cute pet ID tags with polymer clay that people love and are used to raise money for animal rescue organizations.
I personalize them on the back with a real permanent pen and it’s in a cursive style print. People love the way the name looks!
I taught myself calligraphy as a young teen and did my bat mitzvah invitations as well as people’s wedding invitations.
Then I worked for a gift shop decorating gift items with names and pictures. I moved on to many other jobs including massage therapist, daycare teacher, nonprofit administrator and now am back to using my fine motor skills daily to craft the pet ID tags and personalize them.

While I am grateful that I can type 50 words a minute when communicating with people on a daily basis and writing my blog or website, I can say that this gift I have for creating my product that makes so many people smile and helps save dogs and cats, wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t have first learned the skill of handwriting. Listen in on the podcast on drshow.org–here’s the page: http://thedianerehmshow.org/shows/2011-07-28/handwriting-digital-age

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