Tag:”Oh Shit, I’m Lost!” gets a ton of laughs

Check out our newest tags and laugh along with many of our customers…..

2 bones sideways
I never imagined this tag would become so popular, but I can’t take all the credit. I’ve heard it said that there aren’t ever any new ideas–so my secret is out. I adopted the saying from a passerby at a horse show last winter, who adopted the saying from a stuffy woman at another horse show that she attended. She loved my tags, but just had the “Oh Shit, I’m Lost” tag printed on a cheap metal pet store tag, so she couldn’t part with it to buy a new one. I began writing the saying on the back for customers, but then decided the saying was so classic, it deserved the front of a tag of its own in every color and shape that we have. Everyone that stops by and reads it, chuckles quietly, laughs loudly and/or calls over a friend or stranger to tell them about it. They either have a dog that runs away or they joke about getting it for themselves or their husband or wife!

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