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13 Dogs That Might As Well Be Humans »

13 Dogs That Might As Well Be Humans.

Paintings memorialize 19 dogs euthanized at Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary | The News Journal | delawareonline.com »

Paintings memorialize 19 dogs euthanized at Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary | The News Journal | delawareonline.com.

Tag:”Oh Shit, I’m Lost!” gets a ton of laughs »

Check out our newest tags and laugh along with many of our customers….. I never imagined this tag would become so popular, but I can’t take all the credit. I’ve heard it said that there aren’t ever any new ideas–so my secret is out. I adopted the saying from a passerby at a horse show […]

A jewish Miracle on 34th St »

Video of Hampden’s Miracle on 34th Street   I’ve always tried to hide away from the big holiday craziness. All the crazy shopping and eating and rushing around that everyone does. Avoiding it was easy, growing up in Pikesville, the little jewish suburb of Baltimore. There were barely any Christmas lights and of course no Christmas music […]

More Than Swag: Pet Tags for a Cause »

By Joanna Bell from northbaltimore.patch.com Robyn Jacobs wasn’t scared when two wandering, off-leash dogs—a pit bull and a mastiff mix—approached her at Rocky Gorge Reservoir in Laurel, MD, where she was walking her own dog. She’s an animal lover, and the bully breeds don’t faze her, but the dogs were skittish when she tried to read the tags on […]

Don’t Over-Vaccinate Your Dog! »

written by Eric Powell, edited by Robyn Jacobs Is your dog being over-vaccinated? Many vet practices, especially smaller ones, continue to recommend annual vaccinations in part because they’re dependent on the money it brings in. However, receiving vaccinations this often is not in the best interests of your dog – the American Veterinary Medical Association […]

Dogs Can Donate Blood Too! »

written by Eric Powell, edited by Robyn Jacobs Everyone is aware of the need for human blood donations, and I’m sure many of you have donated your own blood to the Red Cross. However, few people consider the fact that blood transfusions are also used in veterinary medicine. As complex medical procedures involving transfusions have […]

Correcting your misconceptions about Pit Bulls »

written by Eric Powell In the last blog post I touched on the misconceptions people have about Pit Bulls. Since this is such a controversial issue, I felt it warranted additional coverage. As I was doing some research, I googled the term ‘Pit Bulls’ and one of the first results I got was a link […]

Rescue Partners »

written by Eric Powell We are pleased to announce that two animal rescue organizations have decided to use Pet Tag Creations’ pet ID tags in order to help raise funds for their rescue efforts. As I’m sure you know, fundraising is an essential activity for rescue organizations in their efforts to help as many animals […]

Diane Rehm show inspiration »

I just sent this comment to the show, but not sure they will read it so I wanted to share it here as well. You don’t know where what you learn will lead you in your life. In looking back on what I’ve learned and how it has led me to my business now, I […]