What are your tags made of?
Our pet ID tags are handcrafted with a product called polymer clay, specifically a combination of fimo soft and premo. Polymer clay comes in blocks of 2oz to 10oz and in an array of amazing colors. We also mix the colors with each other to change value and hue which leads to an enormous amount of color choices. If you’d like, we can custom design your tag, but keep in mind that the colors you see online are often slightly different than the actual color because of the photo and also your monitor display. After designing the tags, we cure them in a convection oven so that they harden permanently.

Your tags are so unique and cute; how do you make them?
If you have a few hours, we can show you, otherwise, here’s the short answer. We flatten the clay into sheets using a pasta machine, cut different shapes out of cookie cutters, then place 2 of the same shapes together with brass wire shaped like a hook that we’ve bent and cut ourselves. We design the face of each tag with what we call “canes”. Canes are put together like a sushi roll where the ingredients are different colors and shapes of clay. Then we use a tissue blade to cut a very thin slice off of the cane to place on the tag. We have a few other tricks up our sleeve, but we can’t give away all our magic! For a basic video on making a jellyroll cane, which is used in many of our designs, watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9yt_trCfBU

Are your tags waterproof and is there a protective coating on them?
Yes, after customizing them with the pet’s name and phone number with a permanent pen, we coat the back of our tags with a varnish that prevents the ID information from wearing off. (We’ve even had several clients tell us they had their dogs returned after getting lost because the info is so easy to read compared to the metal tags where the info wears off!)

How do your tags hold up to normal wear?
Our ID tags hold up well to normal wear, which includes rough playing and swimming. As long as the tag is only hitting the sidewalk and not scraping against it, then there shouldn’t be an issue with scratching or chipping.

How would you recommend cleaning your tags?
Soap and water is fine, or if they get extra dirty, you can even clean the tags with a scrubbing pad or sandpaper.

Do you offer any additional colors and designs for your tags other than the ones shown on your site?
Yes, we are happy to mix and match the colors and designs shown on our site. We are also open to creating custom tags, so if you have your own idea for a tag, give us a bark. We can take a photo of your pet and place it on a tag with a protective coating and you can wear it as a necklace.

Are the backs of the tags always white?
Yes, the backs of our tags are white so that we can use a permanent marker to personalize them with the pet’s name and phone number. We can make the tag another light color if that’s your fancy.

How many lines and characters can I put on the backs of your tags?
It depends on the size of the tag. Every tag we make can include a name of at least eight characters and a ten digit phone number, but our larger tags can accommodate more characters. If you’re unsure whether your pet’s name will fit on the tag you want, contact us.

How are the hooks attached to your tags and how are the tags attached to the pet’s collar?
The hooks are placed deep between the two layers of the tag and then baked right in. We will provide you with a split ring to attach the tag to your pet’s collar.

Do you sell your tags wholesale?
Yes, we do offer our tags at a wholesale price, and you can also purchase a display board that holds twelve tags as well as the tools to customize the tags yourself which means your customers can take them with them right away. Customers may also personalize the tag themselves at the store. If you’re interested in wholesaling our unique pet ID tags, contact us for more information.

If you have a question that we haven’t answered here, just ask!