Testimonials and Reviews

Check out this awesome review fromĀ All Things Dog Blog, strategies for happy dogs and happy families. There are a bunch of giveaways and great ideas to enrich your dog owning experience! They have pet problem solving, ask the vet, ask the trainer, green and eco, pup profiles, reviews and more.


I first saw the booth and fell in love, talked to the woman behind the booth and bought a tag. My dog has been in and out of the water for the last 6 months and it’s held up great. I changed my phone number and waited until I found you again to get your tag.
–Adam and Misty

These are beautiful….I want to buy lots of them!

I was the first buyer more than a year ago and Murphy has worn his tag since. It’s a great product and has held up even with all his craziness! Thanks so much!

I adore these tags! They are bursting with color, texture, and pizazz!

These are so much better than the regular dog tags.

Look at these tags! They are awesome, fabulous, and creative!
–From a passerby at Reston, VA dog show

It’s so hard to choose, I like so many of them!

I love them – never seen anything like this – they are beautiful.